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Monday, 28 November 2016

Mintoo or Painda, whose plan did Nabha jail escapees follow?

NEW DELHI/LUCKNOW: The investigation of Sunday's Nabha jailbreak is throwing up contradictory information about who actually planned the escape- Khalistan Liberation Force chief Harminder Singh, alias Mintoo, who has since been rearrested, or Parminder Singh, alias Painda, who had met Mintoo during a stint in the same prison.

Painda, the arrested "mastermind" of the escape, has contradicted the Punjab government's claim that the incident was a terrorist act. He revealed during interrogation on Monday that he, a gangster named Prema from Jalandhar and one Harry from Batala had gone to free their aides and that freeing the KLF chief had been a "friendly favour". Parminder was arrested by UP police in Shamli on Sunday evening en route to Dehradun.

In New Delhi, top officials said their investigations revealed that the escape of Mintoo, along with a gang of criminals, may not have been a coincidence and that there are indications that Mintoo planned the whole operation by exhorting the others to do something bigger for the "faith".