Saturday, 16 September 2017

Nearly 2 million, mostly in Florida, without power in Irma's wake

Miami: About 1.9 million homes and businesses in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas remained without power from Hurricane Irma on Friday, five days after the deadly storm ripped through the US Southeast.

Irma, which ranked as one of the most powerful Atlantic storms on record before striking the U.S. mainland as a Category 4 hurricane on Sept. 10, took at least 82 deaths. Several hard-hit Caribbean islands, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, suffered more than half the fatalities.

FPL, which serves nearly 5 million homes and businesses, said it expects to restore power to essentially all its users, in the eastern portion of Florida, by the end of the weekend and the harder-hit western portion of the state by Sept. 22.

Duke, which serves the northern and central parts of Florida, said on its website it expects to restore service to most customers by midnight on Sunday.

Irma rampaged through the Caribbean, devastating several islands and raking the northern shore of Cuba last week before barreling into the Florida Keys island chain on Sunday with sustained winds of up to 130 miles per hour (215 km per hour).

U.S. President Donald Trump visited Florida Gulf Coast communities recovering from the hurricane on Thursday, praising first-responders for their role in limiting the loss of life.


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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Asteroid Florence to whizz past Earth at a safe distance on Spetmeber 1, says NASA

New Delhi: The buzz surrounding a house-sized asteroid shaving past Earth on October 12 has barely died and now, NASA has revealed that another asteroid will be buzzing close to our home planet on September 1.

Asteroid Florence – named in honour of Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), the founder of modern nursing – will be flying at a distance of about seven million kilometres from Earth, NASA said.

This relatively close encounter provides an opportunity for scientists to study this asteroid up close.

Asteroid Florence was discovered by Schelte "Bobby" Bus at Siding Spring Observatory in Australia in March 1981.

Florence is expected to be an excellent target for ground-based radar observations.

Radar imaging is planned at NASA's Goldstone Solar System Radar in California and at the National Science Foundation's Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.

The resulting radar images will show the real size of Florence and also could reveal surface details as small as about 10 metres.


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Monday, 31 July 2017

Amit Shah eats lunch at OBC party worker’s house as BJP woos Yadavs

BJP chief Amit Shah’s lunch on Sunday at a booth-level worker who belongs to the Other Backward Castes (OBC) group in Lucknow effectively conveyed the party’s continued focus on politically dominant OBCs.

Until Sunday morning, there were speculations that Shah would have lunch at a Dalit party workers’ residence – something he regularly had in the run up to the 2017 UP assembly polls.

“Shah wants to disturb the arithmetic by rattling SP with defections and resignations. The idea is to confuse the SP and BSP to the extent that their leadership doesn’t know who is with them and who isn’t,” a BJP leader told HT.

During his meetings that he separately held with ministers and party workers, Shah made it clear that the party won’t hesitate to welcome ‘big’ leaders from other parties into the BJP.

The BJP is closely watching Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav’s uncle Shivpal Yadav’s next move as the two SP MLCs who resigned on Saturday to help the BJP are from Shivpal faction. More resignations are expected from the SP as Shivpal Yadav has openly warned Akhilesh to hand over the party’s reins to his father Mulayam Singh Yadav or be ready to face the ‘consequences.’ There is a buzz about Shivpal, who met his brother and SP patron Mulayam in Delhi on Sunday, floating his own ‘secular morcha’ to support the BJP.

Saffron strategists are also tuned into another possibility of Shivpal joining Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar’s JD (U) and being made the party’s UP chief.


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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

तिकरित में ISIS के हमले में कम से कम 31 की मौत, 40 से अधिक घायल

इंटरनेशनल डेस्क. इराक के तिकरित शहर में कल रात से जारी इस्लामिक स्टेट के विभिन्न हमलों में 14 पुलिस अधिकारियों समेत कम से कम 31 लोगों की मौत हो गई और 40 से अधिक लोग घायल हो गए। सुरक्षा और चिकित्सा सूत्रों ने इस बात की जानकारी दी। पुलिस कर्नल खालिद महमूद ने बताया कि बगदाद से 175 किलोमीटर दूर उत्तर में स्थित तिकरित शहर में आतंकवादी पुलिस की वर्दी पहनकर घुसे और लोगों पर हमला कर दिया।कुल 10 हमलावर थे...

महमूद ने बताया कि इनमें दो आत्मघाती हमलावरों समेत कुल 10 हमलावर थे। इस्लामिक स्टेट की समाचार एजेंसी अमाक ने बताया कि सात आत्मघाती हमलावरों ने शहर के आतंकवाद निरोधी दस्ते के प्रमुख के घर के अलावा पुलिस की एक चौकी पर हमला कर दिया। इस हमले में आतंकवाद निरोधी दस्ते के प्रमुख पुलिस कर्नल और उनके परिवार के चार लोगों की मौत हो गई। शहर के मुख्य अस्पताल के एक डॉक्टर नावफाल मुस्तफा ने बताया कि इस हमले के बाद अभी तक कुल 31 शवों को अस्पताल भेजा जा चुका है। पुलिस की घेराबंदी के बाद दो आत्मघाती हमलावरों ने खुद को विस्फोट से उड़ा लिया और तीन अन्य पुलिस के साथ मुठभेड़ में मारे गए। महमूद ने बताया कि पांच आतंकवादियों के अभी भी इस क्षेत्र में छिपे होने की आशंका को देखते हुए तिकरित प्रशासन ने क्षेत्र में आज कर्फ्यू लगा दिया।

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Decoding human genome: Scientists creating yeast DNA from scratch

New Delhi: Scientists say they are building yeast DNA from scratch, paving the way towards creating new organisms in the lab, amid huge scientific hurdles and public scrutiny.

The initiative being discussed at the New York City meeting in May - Genome Project-write (GP-write) - has been surrounded by worries over creating unnatural beings in the labs.

The GP-write consortium members believe that turning to human genome synthesis will also enable new cell therapies and other medical advances.

The overall project is still under development, and scientists are also unclear where funding will come from.

The synthetic genomes and chromosomes already constructed by scientists are by no means simple, but to synthesize the human genome, scientists will have to address a whole other level of complexity.

Our genome is composed of more than 3 billion bases across 23 paired chromosomes. And to synthesize the human genome could mean scientists will have to address a whole other level of complexity.

The GP-Write project is being managed by the Center of Excellence for Engineering Biology, a new non-profit organisation.


Monday, 24 July 2017

लालू की बेटी मीसा की बढ़ी मुसीबत, पालम फार्म हाऊस जब्त करेगी ईडी

पटना [जेएनएन]। राजद अध्यक्ष लालू यादव के परिवार की मुसीबतें कम होने का नाम नहीं ले रही हैं। लालू यादव की बड़ी बेटी और राज्यसभा सांसद मीसा भारती और दामाद शैलेश को बड़ा झटका लगा है। प्रवर्तन निदेशालय (ईडी) ने उनका 26 पालम फार्म हाऊस जब्त करने की बात कही है। ये कार्रवाई मनी लांड्रिंग एक्ट के तहत होगी।
ईडी सूत्रों से मिली जानकारी के मुताबिक विभाग मनी लांड्रिंग मामले में मीसा यादव और शैलेश के जवाबों से संतुष्ट नहीं है, इसीलिए एक बार फिर से मीसा और शैलेश से पूछताछ की जाएगी। ईडी से जुड़े अधिकारियों का कहना है कि 26 पालम फार्म हाऊस मीसा और शैलेश ने शैल कंपनियों से कमाए रुपयों से खरीदा था और इसे जल्द ही जब्त करने की कार्रवाई की जाएगी।
ईडी मीसा और शैलेश  के सीए राजेश अग्रवाल के खिलाफ पहले ही आरोप पत्र दायर कर चुका है। राजेश अग्रवाल इस वक्त तिहाड़ जेल में हैं। ईडी की इस कार्रवाई से एक बार फिर विपक्षियों को मौका मिल गया है। लालू का पूरा परिवार अभी सीआइडी आयकर विभाग और ईडी की ओर से हो रही कार्रवाई से परेशान है। बेनामी संपत्ति के दायरे में लालू का पूरा परिवार आ गया है।

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Social media leads to anxiety, fear in young: Survey

London: Use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is making youngsters more anxious and fearful, a survey in the UK has found. The survey of over 10,000 young people aged 12 to 20 suggests that cyber-bullying is widespread online.

Nearly 70 per cent of youngsters admitted to being abusive towards another person on social networks and 17 per cent claimed to have been bullied online. One in three said they lived in fear of cyber-bullying, with appearance cited as the most likely topic for abuse.

That compared to a figure of 6 per cent for Facebook itself, 5 per cent for Snapchat and 2 per cent for Twitter. Nearly half (47 per cent) said they would not discuss bad things in their lives on social media and many offered only an edited version of their lives.

"There is a trend towards people augmenting their personalities online and not showing the reality," said Ditch the Label's chief executive Liam Hackett.

"Cyber-bullying continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing young people," said Hackett.

The findings appear to contradict recent research from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) that suggested cyber- bullying was relatively rare.

That research, which concentrated on 15-year-olds, found that, while 30 per cent reported regular bullying, only three per cent said it happened both off and online.


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Friday, 19 May 2017

Financing of Kashmiri separatists by LeT, JuD: NIA starts test against top Hurriyat pioneers

New Delhi: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Friday started its preparatory test against top Hurriyat pioneers for purportedly getting reserves from Pakistan-based fear outfits like Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), Jamaat-Ud-Dawaah (JuD) headed by Hafiz Saeed and others to incite savagery in Kashmir Valley.

As indicated by Hindustan Times, the office will now call key Hurriyat figures like Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Naeem Khan, Gazi Javed Baba and Farooq Ahmed Dar false name Bitta Karate for addressing regarding the assets gotten by them.

The four key Hurriyat pioneers figures in NIA's preparatory enquiry (PE), the report said.

The four are suspected to have gotten reserves from activist outfits like LeT, JuD to pay off individuals doing fierce challenges and illegal conflagration in the Kashmir Valley, where more than 100 regular citizens have been executed since July a year ago.

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

UN to convey fast intercession compel in focal Mali

Joined Nations: A fast intercession drive of Senegalese troops will soon be sent in focal Mali, which has seen an expansion in jihadist assaults and collective viciousness since 2015, the new UN peacekeeping boss said.

"In light of the security circumstance," the UN`s Mali mission (MINUSMA) had a "powerful command however, in spite of its endeavors, there was an absence of limit," Lacroix said on Wednesday.

"We are cheerful that, soon, various fortifications will arrive, which will compensate for these inadequacies," he said.

MINUSMA has been positioned in Mali since July 2013 and has a little more than 12,000 military and police work force on what is viewed as the UN`s most hazardous dynamic peacekeeping arrangement.

It is the most lethal peacekeeping mission since Somalia in 1993-95, with more than 70 peacekeepers executed.

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Indian-inception conman who sold defective autos in UK saved correctional facility

LONDON: An Indian-cause specialist has been saved prison time by a UK court after he discounted a great many pounds to individuals he conned into purchasing flawed second-hand autos.

Court recorder Timothy Walker gave Dhillon and his business specialist, Barry Porter, suspended prison sentences on Monday, the 'Leicester Mercury' detailed.

Dhillon was given an eight-month imprison sentence, suspended for year and a half, and requested to do 200 hours of unpaid work in the group.

Watchman was given a six-month sentence, suspended for 14 months, and in addition 160 hours of unpaid work.

A suspended sentence in the UK identifies with a sentence where the blamed can escape imprison time by serving a time of probation.

The court was informed that he had saved 24,550 pounds in a financial balance to discount every one of the eight clients, and that the couple had consented to pay 15,000 pounds in court costs. 

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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Huge misfortune for Vijay Mallya: SC discovers alcohol noble liable of disdain of court, summons him on July 10

New Delhi: In yet another shock to stealing away specialist Vijay Mallya, the Supreme Court on Tuesday discovered alcohol noble blameworthy of disdain of court and summoned him on July 10 for exchanging USD 40 million to his kids disregarding the court's request.

The zenith court coordinated Mallya to show up before it on July 10 to contend on the quantum of discipline in the matter.

The 61-year-old Mallya, who lives in the United Kingdom and is confronting removal procedures, is needed in India for asserted credit default and illegal tax avoidance.

The Consortium of Banks had moved the Supreme Court looking for disdain procedures after Mallya got USD 40 million from the British firm Diageo Plc in February a year ago and exchanged the cash to his youngsters in egregious infringement of different legal requests, including those gone by the Debt Recovery Tribunal and the Karnataka High Court, Attorney General Mukul Rohtagi told the Supreme Court.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

US judge squares Trump request to confine subsidizing for 'haven urban areas

SAN FRANCISCO: A US judge on Tuesday blocked President Donald Trump's official request that tried to withhold government stores from purported asylum urban communities, managing another lawful hit to the organization's endeavors to toughen migration implementation.

The Republican president's proceeds onward migration have stirred legitimate backing gatherings, alongside Democratic city and state governments, to contradict them in court. The organization endured a before annihilation when two government judges suspended official requests limiting go from a few Muslim-lion's share nations. The legislature has advanced those choices.

Reince Priebus, Trump's White House head of staff, told journalists the organization was making a move to advance the decision, including: "The possibility that an office can't put in some sensible confinements on how some of these monies are spent is something that will be upset in the end."

"It's the ninth Circuit going bananas," Priebus stated, alluding toward the West Coast legal locale where the judge ruled. "We'll win at the Supreme Court level sooner or later."

The US Justice Department said in an announcement it would take after existing government law as for haven wards, and in addition authorize conditions attached to elected gifts.
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